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--The two John 3:16's
--Rainbows and other reminders
--The Word of Faith doctrine; Hannah shows us the truth
--The Truth About God's Forgiveness

--Rainbows and Other Reminders
--Taking the Cup of Salvation
--The two John 3:16's

--Why Can't I Get Away With Sin?
--9 Principles Isaiah Teaches Us About Sin
--How our sin affects others
--For Such Were Some Of You--The Christian way to treat homosexuals
--Hebrews 6:4-6--What does it really say?
--The Accomplishments of Jesus on the Cross

Living in the End Times
Revival on a personal level
Devotion to Him

Part One -- Adopted by God
Part Two -- His Death
Part Three -- While We Were Yet Sinners
Part Four -- He Gave Us His Word
Part Five -- Is His Love Enough for You?

2--Children are Trusting
3--Children Know Where to go When They Hurt
4--Children are Teachable
5--Children Submit to Authority
6--Children Desire to Grow
7--Children are (Brutally) Honest
8--Children Understand the Importance of Playing
9--Children Like to Rest on Their Father's Shoulder

--Another perspective on September 11th
What can we learn about the Storms of life?
Responding to Hurts
Commitment To Him
--In Hot Pursuit; Chasing After the Only One That Matters
Obedience to God

Intercession--Nehemiah Shows Us How
Praying for Boldness
The Battle Belongs to the Lord
Believing The Promises of God

Fellowship Of The Unashamed
My Personal Mission Statement
My Church


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New studies:
Rainbows and Other Reminders
The Word of Faith doctrine; Hannah shows us the truth
Another Perspective on September 11th
Why Can't I Get Away With Anything?

Sin and related topics:
Why Can't I Get Away With Anything?
9 Principles About Sin That Every Believer Should Know--From Isaiah
How Are Christians To Treat Homosexuals?
5 things we can learn about how our sin affects others
What does Hebrews 6:4-6 really say?
The Accomplishments of Jesus On The Cross

Hot Topics:
Living In The End Times
Personal Revival Totally Devoted To Him, or
Will the Real Idols Please Stand Up?

God's Love:
Part 1 -- He Adopted Us
Part 2 -- He Died For Us
Part 3 -- He Loved Us While We Were Yet Sinners
Part 4 -- He Gave Us His Word
Part 5 -- Is His Love Enough For You?

Like A Child:
Part 1 -- Introduction
Part 2 -- Children Are Trusting
Part 3 -- Children Know Where To Go When They Hurt
Part 4-- Children Are Teachable
Part 5-- Children Submit To Authority
Part 6-- Children Desire To Grow
Part 7-- Children Are (Brutally) Honest
Part 8-- Children Understand The Importance Of Playing
Part 9-- Children Like To Rest On Their Father's Shoulder

The Christian Walk:
Another Perspective on September 11th
Storms Of Life
Responding To Hurts
Obedience to God
In Hot Pursuit

Intercession--Nehemiah shows us how
Praying For Boldness
The Battle Belongs to the Lord
Believing the Promises of God
Obedience to God

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